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The perfect freezer filler bundle!


 Beef fulfillment:  3 weeks 

 Brownsboro Ranch beef today!


Have you ever wanted to not have to keep going to the store every week to make sure you have meat in your freezer?

Or have you ever wondered if there were a meat shortage, would you have any meat in your freezer when this insanity happened? 

Well, this is your chance to put your worries aside and have the confidence you need to make your brain less frazzled when you buy our 1/2 beef bundle this will stock your freezer like you would never believe. No more frustration, confusion or stress. 


  • Feed your family with ease
  • store up for a rainy day
  • make a healthy beef a lifestyle, not a dream
  • free shipping right to your door


This bundle contains 

  • Steaks:
  • Boneless Ribeye, Cut Filets, Chuck Eye, Sirloin, Chuck Short Ribs, Denver, Hnager, Skirt, Flank
  • Roasts:
  • Arm, Rump,
  • Additional Cuts:
  • Brisket, Tri-Tip, Flat iron, Osso Bucco, Short Ribs, Picanha/Coulotte, Tenerlion Tips. 
  • Ground beef, Hamburger patties.


PRICE/LB: $15.00/lbs. With FREE SHIPPING

WEIGHT: 240lbs

TOTAL: $3,600.00


*16 cubic ft. of freezer space needed. 


1/2 Wagyu Beef Bundle

  • Free Shipping!

    That's right! With every beef order you place we will ship it to you for free no matter where you live.

    So get ready for some beefy goodness to show up at your door!

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