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A note from the Brown Family. 

Howdy Y’all,

Hope everyone and their families are off to a good and blessed start for 2024! In
Brownsboro we have been very busy on several fronts, most importantly our new addition
Grace Margaret Brown.


After only five months she has established herself as our little princess.

However, its too early to call her a cattlewoman yet. She is more into trees, flowers, and short
walks in the pasture.

After much inquiry, and now years of breeding, we have raised prime beef that is also
very natural.


This current selection are top of the line registered Wagyu Bulls on some of our
best Angus cows.


After two years they were then fed out for over a year on a chosen grain
program with no growth hormones.


The Wagyu breed takes longer to get the kind of marbling
we desire.

They were processed mid-February, and immediately deep-frozen and vacuumed-sealed
at a USDA-approved facility.


The beef will be packaged and shipped (in dry ice) to assure its
frozen when it gets to your door.

One last thing: there will be a good amount of ground beef. It is lean, clean (no pink
slime or filler), and great for all kinds of recipes.


More so take it to cookoffs, the deer lease and give it away to friends and family and
help advertise the brand! 


The Brown Family

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Have any questions?

Get in touch we would love to hear from you. 

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