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Whole cow beef bundle


fulfillment: 3 weeks

Brownsboro Ranch 


Go whole cow!

You'll be the most popular house in the neighborhood with a huge variety for cookouts, parties, smoking meats and more.

Also, the whole cow is a great option if you're splitting the share with another family or two, that way everyone gets our best deal.

And no need to worry about keeping it stored, our heavy-duty cryo-vac packaging completely protects the beef for well over a year.

This will be the only beef purchase you need to make all year! 

  • feeds a large family for 9 months.
  • Less stress for mom-
  • All the cuts, delivered free- 
  • Less shopping trips, more time-
  • Making family and friends a priority-

This bundle contains 

  • Steaks:
  • Boneless Ribeye, Cut Filets, Chuck Eye, Sirloin, Chuck Short Ribs, Denver, Hanger, Skirt, Flank
  • Roasts:
  • Arm, Rump,
  • Additional Cuts:
  • Brisket, Tri-Tip, Flat iron, Osso Bucco, Short Ribs, Picanha/Coulotte, Tenerlion Tips. 


PRICE/LB: $14.50/lbs. With FREE SHIPPING

WEIGHT: 480lbs

TOTAL: $6,960



*32 cubic ft. of freezer space needed. 

Whole Wagyu Beef Bundle

  • Free Shipping!

    That's right! With every beef order you place we will ship it to you for free no matter where you live.

    So get ready for some beefy goodness to show up at your door!

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